Adrian Quarry - 23/11/2011 21:12
Dear Paul, I would very much like to purchase a copy of your "Centenary Triptych" and "Danny Boy" arrangement, as advertised in Organists' Review. Would you like me to pay in advance by cheque? Please confirm total cost incl p&p. Many thanks, Adrian Quarry Director of Music St Peter's Bedford 40 Birkdale Road Bedford Beds MK41 8AX Mob:07815 491015
Philip Baldwin - 12/11/2011 10:13
Hello Paul, Just read reviews of your Centenerary Triptych and Air from County Derry in the Nov OR.. I would love a copy of each. Please let me know how would you like the 7 and postage costs. Sincerely, Philip Baldwin 404 Nore Road Portishead North Somerset BS20 8EZ
gerhard - 27/03/2011 15:09
Dear Paul What a nice surprise to have found this wonderful website. Its been some time since I lost your contact details, and I would love to make contact again. The Fisher family will ALWAYS occupy a special corner of my heart, and I really cannot believe its been more than 13 years since the wonderful year I stayed with you at Kingswood. Please send me your email and contact details. I would love to call and send a longer email. Yours truly Gerhard
mike walters - 08/02/2010 13:04
Hello Paul. I spoke to you briefly at the BOA members recital. I am very fruatrated at my attempts to put improvisations on to stave. Sibelius (5) seems to make things difficult. I like some of your stuff well. Other compositions seem not to have any harmonic or themeatic language however. Perhaps if I heard them 'articulated' in the intended manner it may help me! Would it be possible for me to see you with a view to some advice?
Michael - 29/08/2008 14:32
Just listened to Cat of Glory. I like it, especially The Splendour Revealed. Fab.
heather - 20/10/2007 05:07
Good news travel far. Greetings from Shanghi. Great website, glad you are still keeping active. Good luck.
maureen fcj - 04/10/2007 17:45
Delighted to visit your website. What about your pieces about Lindisfarne? Glad to hear about all recent developments. Cheers and love Maureen FCJ
Michael - 04/10/2007 17:42
Terrific site, very professional - I like the looming organ!
Paul - 04/10/2007 14:33
Hi Paul - Website looks great, well done! My new site is still being worked on (lengthy business) but we'll put a reciprocal link in place. All best - Paul

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